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ValPal - The Instant Online Valuation Tool

A pioneer in the automated valuation model (AVM) space, ValPal converts estate and letting agents' existing website traffic into leads, generating thousands of opportunities for agents each month.

The ValPal tool allows you to capture the details of vendors and landlords visiting your website; your team can then follow up with these leads and offer a full market appraisal. Having an instant online valuation tool on your website has become an industry standard and with over 4,000 agency branches using ValPal, it is the most established and trusted available.

You can see just how many leads we’re generating for agents on our data insight page.

You can also see how many leads have been generated in your postcode with our interactive calculator.

ChatPal - The Live Chat Lead Capture Facility

Converting website traffic into leads is all-important to estate and letting agents. After all, you have paid for this traffic through marketing, so why not capture as many visitors’ details as possible? As well as offering free instant online valuations to prospects, you can now engage with these potential clients via live chat.

Unique to The ValPal Network, ChatPal specifically targets vendors and landlords by asking “Are you thinking of selling or letting your property” to deter tenants from using the facility. ChatPal will still talk to buyers, as we know over a third of buyers are also looking to sell.

This targeted approach will improve your chances of increasing the conversion rate of enquiries and generating high quality leads. The script behind ChatPal is written solely to capture contact details, while being manned 24/7 to ensure you never miss an opportunity to generate leads.

Available with no contract on a cost per lead basis, contact us today to get started.

MovePal - Agent: The Automated Revenue and Nurture System – Consumer: The One-Stop Home Moving Hub

Members of The ValPal Network reap rewards from a host of benefits, but now, for the first time ever MovePal aims to make being a member of The ValPal Network cost-positive. That’s right, the first cost-positive AVM (Automated Valuation Model).

A large percentage of our members don’t have a sufficient email nurture campaign in place for incoming leads, while some have even admitted not calling leads at all! As this seems to be a common problem among agents who don’t have the time or money to effectively nurture leads, we invented MovePal to automate the process and add to their bottom line at the same time.

When a consumer fills in the capture form on the ValPal tool, they will be prompted to consent to hearing more information about various moving services they will require throughout the sale e.g. mortgages, conveyancing, surveys, removals, and utilities.

If they respond “Yes” to any services, they will be sent onto various nurture drip campaigns designed to convert them into positive leads. The consumer’s details will be pinged across to the relevant partnered company to follow up with, as well as the agent.

If the consumer doesn’t agree to hear from any providers, never fear. They will still be entered into a drip campaign, prompting them to log in to the agent-branded “MovePal – The One Stop Home Movers Hub”, where they can get an updated value for their property, use a cost of moving calculator, instruct the agent, and of course, have access to a whole host of special offers from moving services.

MovePal will ensure that your brand is regularly engaging with the consumer, so that even if they never list a property with you, you still have the chance to earn revenue from them.

PortalPal - The Time Saving Lead Qualifier

The sister “Pal” of MovePal – PortalPal takes an agent’s buyer and tenant email leads from portals and qualifies them before the agent picks up the phone, saving time and money.

The portal lead is pinged across to the agent, while at the same time, the consumer is emailed and asked to fill in a quick questionnaire to speed up the process. Not only does this give the agent a better idea of the consumer’s property search, it qualifies the lead and asks questions sometimes forgotten, particularly by junior negotiators, when trying to book a viewing for example:

Asking if a buyer is interested in hearing about mortgages
Asking if a buyer is also selling
Asking a tenant for their landlord’s details
Asking a tenant if they’re interested in utilities services
Asking their availability for viewings

The lead is then fired back to the agent once the questionnaire has been completed, allowing the agent to prioritise calls, as well as turning one lead into multiple leads.

BotPal - The AI Vendor and Landlord Lead Generator

Off the back of the extremely successful ChatPal, we have developed BotPal. Artificial Intelligence developed by the genius tech team at Angels Media, BotPal targets vendors, landlords and buyers using predesigned scripts to cover any given scenario. BotPal converts vendor and landlord traffic into leads for the agent to follow up with.

BotPal is advanced technology that delivers high quality leads on a cost per lead basis – you can even add it to your company Facebook page!

PromoPal - The Online Marketing Design Suite

The next evolution of the ValPal Booster Pack, PromoPal is an online marketing design suite where an agent can design, print and download marketing materials all from within one platform.

The ultimate goal of PromoPal is to provide agents, who may not have huge marketing budgets, with templated designs that we know work from insights gathered from our 4,000+ branches, that they can adapt and print, saving time, money and resources.

There is also a range of free downloadable designs to choose from, including portal banners, social media designs and HTML emails.

MyPal - The Agent Valuation Reporter

ValPal is the only AVM that integrates estate agents’ feedback on house prices into the algorithm used to generate our valuations.

Despite the ValPal algorithm pulling in over 43 million bits of data from a multitude of sources, you’re always going to get the odd anomaly. MyPal allows an agent to flag up anomalies to The ValPal Network, suggesting what the property valuation should be and why.

This new information is then weighted and, if accepted, it will be fed back into the algorithm, influencing the property valuation of the anomaly and similar properties in the area.

ExtraPal - The Out of Area Lead Sharing Programme

From time to time, agents generate leads from postcodes outside of their operating area that they just cannot service. ExtraPal is the lead sharing service that if you opt in, you are opting in to receive free additional leads from over 4,000 other branches across the country.

ExtraPal automatically identifies a lead that has been generated outside an agent’s defined postcode territory and reallocates it to another ValPal Network member agent working in the correct location - this means more leads for you that you otherwise wouldn’t have received.

In other words, this means more leads for all members of The Valpal Network, leaving no lead left uncontacted.

To sign up, simply send a .csv file of all the postcodes you want to receive leads for and the recipient email address to

QuickPal - The Quick Agent Valuation Tool

Being an estate agent has to be one of the busiest professions. Running from viewing to valuation can sometimes leave an agent unable to prepare.

QuickVal is available to all members of The ValPal Network, providing a quick online property valuation for agents on the move. If the consumer had previously used an AVM to value their property, the agent might be going to the valuation blind, but with QuickVal, they are free to check on the move.

ContentPal - Bespoke Engaging Content with Purpose

Publishing well-written and relevant content on your website should now be an essential part of your firm's digital marketing strategy. Creating and sharing engaging blogs and news articles not only drives traffic to your website, but also helps to improve your business' online presence and ranking.

Thanks to our unique position in the property industry, with Angels Media being the owners of top property publications Estate Agent Today, Letting Agent Today, Landlord Today and Property Investor Today, we have a team of in-house property journalists and content writers who are experienced in creating bespoke content for a range of property industry clients.

The ValPal Network  has announced a new range of products alongside its already renowned instant online sales and lettings valuation tool, with an aim to make membership into The ValPal Network cost-positive. 

For more details on the products available within The ValPal Network please see below. 

SocialPal - Strategic Social Media Marketing

It’s not enough to just be on social media anymore. You need a strategic marketing plan to stand out from your competition; staying on top of trends, hashtags, new features and algorithms that determine the best times and types of content to post for your business.

It’s estimates that over 70% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others, so if you are not active on social media you are missing out on potential business.

Our social media packages incorporate content marketing and Facebook ads to give you a well-rounded online marketing strategy.

AdPal - Facebook Ads For ValPal Leads

Facebook ads are one of the cheapest and most effective forms of online advertising. There are a variety of different ad types you can run depending on your marketing goals.

Whether you want to target homeowners in your area and drive them to the ValPal tool or retarget old contacts with a new offer, we’ll be able to steer you in the right direction to get the results you need.

We charge a £50 monthly management fee plus whatever you choose to spend on the advertising campaign.

NewsPal - Boosting Your Brand with Traditional PR

Our PR Angels have extensive contacts across all media types on and offline, from national newspapers and specialist consumer glossies to trade magazines and broadcast media. We research the best media outlets to reach your target audiences and build long-term relationships that will ensure you get great results.

Whether it’s raising brand awareness, driving sales that impact the bottom line, promoting specific services, or personnel within the business, a proactive media relations campaign will promote your key messages to a wider target audience. 

For further information on any products available exclusively for ValPal Network Members, please call 020 8663 4930 or complete the form at the top of the page